A space providing narrative potentiality

Space providing

» A space providing narrative potentiality / play « (research-title),

“Meanwhile, in between bedtime-stories”

Research-group by

Ali Ardalan, Angelos Chiotis, Kibandu Pello-Esso, Sebastian Moske

as part of the D.A.A.S. community

“Decolonizing Architecture Advanced Studies”,

at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

“We are thinking about a site we know of but are missing in the neoliberal society; a place of rest as a collective social experience, the hospitality of providing each other with this space, and the possibilities presented to each other out of this moment of hospitality. Our site is, therefore, “the bed” as a point of reference and a tool for us to investigate spaces of collective possibility without the idea of immediate results: are there places like this? What do they look like?

Play as a moment of arrival.

What is the distinction between bending the rules/playing and illegal activity? Is play a frightening activity when it comes to the reproduction of neoliberal progress, especially when not concerned with an outcome other than the activity itself?”

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